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Hotel Technology Summit
@ NoVacancy

Technology is more than a buzzword, it’s critical to front-of-house operations, guest experience, customer acquisition, loyalty and so much more. As the industry continues to face labour challenges and rising costs, how do you embrace the right solutions for your property while avoiding fads and hype?

Hear from the below industry experts, who will share their experience, tactics, and wins to help you run an optimal property. They’ll cover AI, VR, robots, voice, the connected room, marketing tech, WiFi, loyalty platforms, I0T, and much more. Bring your questions and challenges, share them, and leave with solutions!



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Leveraging technology to improve guest experience
Unlocking the potential of AI: Tips and tricks to streamline your operations
Strengthen your cybersecurity defences: Protecting your most valuable and vulnerable asset
How digital touchpoints can supercharge the guest experience (and boost your revenue)
Contactless technology: Overcoming challenges, unlocking solutions

Highlight Session

Unlocking the potential of AI: Tips and tricks to streamline your operations 

Artificial Intelligence has garnered significant attention lately for its potential to streamline processes. But how can you harness its power and the tangible benefits it brings in your day to day operations? Join us as we deep dive into practical examples that demonstrate how AI can be leveraged to simplify processes, and find solutions to complex tasks resulting in valuable time and cost savings.

We’ll cut through the noise and provide you with practical insights on how to truly harness its potential and revolutionise your hotel operations.

Nick Ellis, Director of Innovation and Technology for Salter Brothers Luxury Collection

Menilik Henry Dyer, Head of Growth, Preno

Hossein Khosravi, Chief Technological Officer, Intellisoftware

David Thompson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Myma.ai

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