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Small Hoteliers @ NoVacancy

Are you responsible for ‘doing it all’ in your accommodation property? Faced with the same challenges of large accommodation providers you compete with but without layers of team members?

Put yourself in the best position to win at NoVacancy. Get access to two days of ideas and inspiration. You’ll meet hundreds of suppliers with thousands of products that can enhance your guest experience, optimise your operations and maximise your profits.

Join us at the Small Hotelier Summit, a conference dedicated to helping you navigate the OTA landscape, drive higher occupancy, refresh your interiors without huge budgets and much more.

You’ll also be in great company, with thousands of smaller operators just like you coming from all over Australia and New Zealand.



 Preview Agenda

Competing with the big brands: How small hotels have a distinct advantage
Mobile check-in for small hotel: Triumphs, challenges, and gamechangers
How to create a standout website that engages and converts visitors
GA4 for hoteliers: Everything you need to know
How to take professional-quality photos of your property that sell (using only your phone)
Low cost and no cost marketing tools you need in 2023

Highlight Session

[Panel] Competing with the big brands: How small hotels have a distinct advantage


Nick Ellis, Director of Innovation and Technology for Salter Brothers Luxury Collection

Timo Lorenzen, General Manager, Green Square

Facilitated by Jackie Douglas, President, HSMAI


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