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Caspar P. Schmidt

Caspar P. Schmidt

Founder & Managing Director, QCC Collection Group & Motif Retreats


With more than 25 years of hospitality experience, Caspar brings a valuable, composed, and universal leadership style to the businesses he leads. AQ, and EQ are some of his strongest assets. Caspar is change-savvy, a driven team motivator, a mentor, and a strategic leader. He understands the “why” and ethos of business and his entrepreneurial drive ensures he makes positive and financial differences in the businesses he leads. Caspar thrives in challenging environments, he continues his constant ongoing studies and network to stay agile, diverse and at the forefront of hospitality. Strategising, supporting, and leading in the process of accelerating growth is vital. Caspar sits on several hospitality advisory boards and spends a lot of time on mentoring and continuously pushing the boundaries for education in the hospitality and tourism industry.